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IT Staffing

Elite Solutions specializes in placing IT resources across various domains and technical areas of the businesses and tech industries. Be it a staffing need for expanding business or an attempt to reduce ever-inflating costs of your current arrangements, we can help you achieve your goals. By combining cutting-edge recruiting technology and proficient skills and matching algorithms, with best-in-class customer service from our recruiting and business partners, we are very efficient in helping our clients and hiring managers.

Essentially an IT staffing agency, we are here to provide you with complete IT staffing solutions. We can work with you on providing resources in contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire job positions. Be it a staffing need for expanding business or an attempt to reduce ever-inflating costs of your current arrangements, give us an opportunity to explain our strategy and tell you how we could help you achieve your goals. Trending IT job categories:

- DevOps
- Cyber Security
- Application/ Web development
- Data Science

- Cloud Computing
- IT Operations
- Infrastructure services
- AI/Machine learning

Staffing needs can be fulfilled with a choice that fits right with your company structure and the duration of project or the work assignments. Below are the ways we can help you secure and acquire the services of IT professional/s.

Contract Services

Staffing IT resources on a short- or long-term contracts is a solution for companies that experience urgent and temporary needs for talents and lack the ability and/or desire to manage internal employee human resource functions. And, often the companies are better off working with a consulting firm to minimize the risks of not finding the right resources in time. Also, with less HR efforts program manager can focus more on delivering the business result over always scrambling to find the help they need. Our contractual staffing services is a hassle-free solution for companies where we search and explore talents, conduct interviews and screen and refer to hiring managers for further knowledge assessments. Upon confirmation from the hiring manager, we initiate the paperwork to on-board the resource as our own employee or contractor to provide services at the Company location. We handle all the payroll functions for a pre-agreed hourly billing rate and the duration of contract.


Contract-to-hire staffing services are like Contract Services with the exception that Elite Solutions understands the intention of the Company to hire the Consultant at some point in the future. Contract-to-hire Services give the Company the ability to monitor the work performance of a Consultant prior to making the Consultant a regular employee of the Company. In addition to the Contract agreements, Elite Solutions and the Company also agrees on the minimum number of hours the company must acquire the services of the consultant as Elite Solutions’ consultant prior to conversion and/or a conversion fee which is payable to Elite Solutions by the company when the consultant is converted to a regular employee of the company.

Permanent Placement Services

Permanent Placement Services are designed for companies that need resources internally but may lack the recruiting expertise or resources to attract ideal candidates. Elite Solutions permanent placement services include; search and explore top performers who maybe actively looking for a job or passively looking out for better opportunities, conducting interviews and reference checks. Elite Solutions perform these services as per the pre-established agreements for a fee and expenses.

Defined Tasks vs. Professional Consulting

When it comes to hiring resources for jobs that are as critical and challenging as one gets, it’s important to understand the depth of such requirements. We, as a staffing agency, are committed to deliver the best value through the services we provide to our clients. For the matter, we work very closely with the hiring managers to understand the work requirements and the dedication and skills required in a candidate to perform the work.

Information technology is ever changing and growing complex day-by-day. Trying to find a right resource can be equally exhaustive and costly too. Finding the right balance between a candidate with right skills set and the associated costs is what we do with passion. We believe that the employment industry is a long way from exploring and discovering all the active and passive workforce who possess the abilities to help the companies achieve business goals. That’s where we categorize your job requirements in two: defined repetitive tasks where as a manager you know what exactly needs to be done on a daily or routinely basis, and where you are seeking an innovative solution from an expert who needs to tell you what needs to be done to achieve the desired results.

With that simple categorization, it becomes much easier to narrow down the search for the candidate/s and the level of investment a business should be making. We, Elite Solutions – a professional staffing company, are here to help and guide you in every steps of this process to make the right decision.
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